Thirty days around the heart | Patrícia KALICZKA
Thirty days around the heart | Patrícia KALICZKA

January 29, 2020 - March 8, 2020

For the second time VILTIN Gallery hosts a solo exhibition for the latest works of Patrícia KALICZKA.

Around the heart in thirty days - those who suspect a subjective set of works behind the title are not mistaken. The exhibited pieces are not only personal, but self-portraits as well. The young artist's processes and experiences of self-revelation are hidden in the title; meanwhile it is coated with the visual and mythological narrative of the ancient world. Diana, goddess of the moon, child bearing and rearing, is contemplating her own femininity, in examination of her own body, while looking to the future. Alternatively, just simply watches the still-life placed on the table of the 20-21 Century. The synthesis of the painter?s identity and her female, womanly existence's self, reveals a socially valid question or even a statement. The sometimes classical, sometimes expressive compositions picture our realities' details and our identities basic sameness. On the images of KALICZKA the boundaries of the 'I' are usually blurred and dissolved with the subtle layers of the surroundings. Seldom have they become surrealistically large, in other times they are concealed by the glazed backdrops of the canvas. All of the paintings are self-portraits, although neither the face nor the mimicry are spotlighted, the series is rather based on the whole array of self-portraits. She adopts various roles in her self-imaging, which's canonised costumes are physically taken off. The defenceless human, the material, the mass, the dynamism, body as art and the presentation of the nude is also part of her artistic interest. She approaches the topic of portrait and the nude from the perspective of figural painting. While in her earlier works, the human and its environment appeared in a general realm, her attention has narrowed now down: to one particular person - the artist herself - is in the focus. On her montage-like paintings the past and the present, the past and present lives and personalities are linked.

Her latest works, keep the layered, associative image-building approach, yet is marked by stylized details of the body and the shapes. The sketchy forms occasionally melt into their surrounding milieu of indicative or larger colour blobs. On her often two meter large paintings the abstract, visual solutions are juxtaposed with the elements of figurative painting; sturdy lines, colour spots, changing perspectives and of course layers, that is where the conscious and the unconscious meet. KALICZKA records the world that is known to her, with herself in it, with her instincts projections and with visceral image-pairings. The unfinished or blurry fragments attests to the progression of change into something else. The journey, the quest for the self, the synthesis of the peculiar critical declarations, as well as the narratives and painterly happenings on the front of the images are held together by the background's abstract structures.

Patrícia KALICZKA was born in 1988 in Balassagyarmat, she lives and works in Basel. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Art?s painting department in 2013. In the same year, she was awarded with the Esterhazy Art Award. She received the Gyula Derkovits Scholarship in 2016 and 2017, then the Gyula Rudnay Scholarship in 2018. She is a member of the Élesdi Art Colony Association, SYAA-Studio of Young Artists Association and MAMÜ.