Gentle radiation | VETŐ Orsolya Lia
Gentle radiation | VETŐ Orsolya Lia

September 15, 2023 - October 14, 2023

Human perception through information and stimuli of the outside world, first become accessible through our senses, then cognitively processable and finally receptive. Our eyes, as most living things' on Earth, can detect wavelengths from about 380 to 780 nanometres of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared. Lia Orsolya VETŐ's first solo show at VILTIN Gallery, entitled Gentle Radiation, moving also within that range, through the colours, forms and layers it guide us along the stages of perception and abstraction. 

The series Liquid Slices of Time was started in 2021, originating from the relative perception of time. The vibrating entities filling VETŐ's abstract paintings unstoppably move around and merge, while filling the surface of the canvas, often reaching beyond the physical boundaries of the painting, meanwhile leaving behind hybrid traces as imprints of their spatial and playful wanderings. The details recalling rare minerals and geological phenomena are often alternated with neon, artificial colour-gradient forms. It is a surreal world where space and time wonders in the irregular, sensual labyrinth of layers and materials.

Mixing colours and layers, Orsolya Lia VETŐ's paintings are formed organically, her horror vacui compositions, which lack resting points and armed with pop-art playfulness are determinedly coordinated. The layers of acrylic paint applied with brushes and spatulas evoke a softly blurred or even sharply defined microbiological narrative, stepping outside of the construct of human perspective and civilisation. The combination of sometimes loose, sometimes pastose gestures creates uncertainty and tension, while making an associative order. The seemingly haphazardly places gestures and forms gain personalities on her paintings, the artist creates her own system of colour and form, her organic forms are constantly changing, overlapping distant timelines.

Starting out from stylised nature-forms, VETŐ confidently balances on the borderline of abstract and figurative painting, creating a unique materiality in her paintings, which becomes more abstract through the changes of scale. Her world is both fictional and sensual, where the artist experiments with the 'digital' extensions of the traditional tools of painting, while her reflections on the post-digital age is strongly present in her gesture-based paintings.

VETŐ Orsolya Lia (1991, Budapest) in 2014 gained her Painting MA degree from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the class of János Kósa and Réka Nemere, then in 2016 she received her Art History MA from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Between 2018 and 2023 she studied at the Doctoral School of the University of Pécs.In the last couple of youers she took part in numerous local and international solo and group exhibitions. In 2011-14 she was awarded the Amadeus-Fundamenta Artists Scholarship, in 2014 and 2020 she was awarded at the Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition. In addition to private collections, her works can also be found in the contemporary art collection of the Hungarian National Bank.